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Making school website management, manageable.

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Welcome to the future of school content management systems.

Already operating in hundreds of schools, the e4eCMS makes updating a school website an enjoyable and easy task. Building upon the success of its predecessors, and with a suite of new features, we're confident you'll love using our new CMS as much as we loved creating it.

Unlimited Content

Create. Update. Manage. All at the click of a button. A Content Management System should facilitate the user, not restrict them. That is why the e4eCMS gives you the power to add as much content as you want, wherever you want it. Pages, News Stories, Blogs, Galleries, Podcasts, Forms, Surveys & Videos are all available to present your key information in the most relevant and engaging way.

Roles & Permissions

Share the workload and promote collaboration amongst your school community with our very own user manager. Create tiered roles for all (or parts) of the website, and control whether a user has the ability to post content live, or send it to an administrator for approval.

With custom permissions the e4eCMS enables teachers, students and parents to become involved in the management of your website in a safe and secure way.

New Look & Feel

Created for schools and refined over the last decade, the e4eCMS is a clean, elegant interface that is as intuitive as it is beautiful.

With true inline editing, a flat modern interface, and enhancements to the much loved admin bar, the new e4eCMS provides a real breakthrough in usability.

Improve communications with your school community.

In a vibrant school community there is always something going on. The e4eCMS enables a school to easily add news stories and events to their website to help improve communications with key stakeholders.

News You Control

Whether you want one dedicated news feed for the whole school community, or to allocate news feeds to specific areas of your website, such as subject areas and school clubs, it's all possible in the e4eCMS. Featured news stories can be pinned to the top so your stakeholders never miss an important story again. And our breaking news alert system allows you to quickly communicate urgent information about snow days, school closures and more.You can choose when a news story gets published and even enable and moderate comments to promote engagement.

Calendars & Events

Whether you have one whole school calendar, or several calendars across your website, the culmination of clever design and technology makes calendar management simple. Events can be added individually, or the e4eCMS can integrate with Outlook to sync them across. If you have an ICS file or a CSV of dates, our dedicated support team can automatically import them on your behalf. Regular events can be set to recur, negating the need to add it more than once.

News & Events App

With 75% of the UK owning smartphones, and more than 50 million apps being downloaded every day, our dedicated 'News & Events' app delivers important information straight to parent's phones.

Our app syncs news and events directly from your school website. Simply update the website and the information appears on mobile devices. And best of all, it's now free to all e4education customers.

Saving you time along the way.

Keeping a website up to date with engaging content and key information is important to your stakeholders. The e4eCMS has been designed to make it as quick and easy as possible to make these changes. Here are just a few ways the e4eCMS is helping schools save time.

Smart Scheduling

Choose when content goes live and when it gets archived. Prepare content in advance of its launch and save time taking temporary content back offline again. Great for job vacancies, or pages with a limited lifespan.

Draft Management

In a busy school environment where anything can happen, being able to save a draft to work on later is a simple feature that goes a long way. Our draft tool lets you pick up where you left off, so you can create content when it best suits you. Administrators can easily manage, delete and reassign drafts, so you'll always know who is modifying the website at any given time.

Batch Uploads

Adding a gallery of images or multiple attachments to your website can often be a laborious and time consuming task for any website administrator. The e4eCMS enables you to upload images and files in batch, saving you time (and your sanity!).

Clever Technology.

Everything about the e4eCMS has been carefully considered to provide you with the very best platform to make your website a success.

Instant Restore

Introducing Instant Restore, because we all change our minds. With Instant Restore, you can undo the deletion of a page instantly. No regrets, and no waiting for backups. We automatically store all of your content for up to 3 months so you can roll back to a previous state with just a few simple clicks.

Slideshow Manager

Great photography is an excellent way to add personality to any website. Our slideshow manager lets you update your imagery with ease. Whether you wish to crop and resize images to the relevant aspect ratio, change the order of the images, or assign different images to appear on different pages, our slideshow manager does it all.

Social Media Integration

With social media usage increasing exponentially, Twitter and Facebook are becoming a key consideration in schools marketing and communication plans. The e4eCMS has been built to be social media friendly. You can embed YouTube videos with just the link, or contact us to set up automatic tweeting of your latest news stories.

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